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Imagine fully understanding if your product is profitable or not and what to do next, if it isn't.


There's a BIG difference manufacturing a product (vs. owning a service business). Understand your business' profit margins for success.


Imagine being so confident in your company's profit that you make sound decisions at the speed of business.

You are cool!

You are a creator of a thing!

You imagine, make, and sell things (a product)!

So do I. We have superpowers. We are rare.


We are in a special club. But even with that unique superpower, managing the complexities of manufacturing while trying to becoming profitable can be overwhelming. I was there.  But, I knew becoming profitable was the key I needed to grow and scale my now 14-year-old, Made-in-The-USA, job-creating, rockin' fun, manufacturing business, CastCoverz!

And becoming profitable through the world's largest and most recognized brand and business cash flow management system, Profit First®, changed the trajectory of my business and my life. Once that happened I knew I could focus on scaling my business...and I did!  CastCoverz! has experienced 10X growth! 

Through the journey to profitability, I found out that women product manufacturers are particularly vulnerable to bankruptcy, excessive debt, shutting down the business, or accepting mediocre results.  What a shame to lose that drive, to curtail the innovation of a product that serves a customer's needs, the loss of creating jobs, and the death of a dream. 

Not to mention the havoc it may wreak on your personal life. 

   That's why I recently founded, "She Makes Products."  Our mission is to help women-owned product companies break through the 6-figure revenue mark and become profitable so they can grow and scale. Profit First's mission is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty. That's when I knew becoming a Profit First Professional would add value to my special and rare corner of the world...

women-owned product manufacturers! 

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Annette de Lancey, Founder & CEO 

 Profit First Certified Professional, Fix This Next Advisor, SCORE Mentor,
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