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COGS, dies, presses, raw materials, logistics, 3PL, keystone, landed costs, GSM, marketplaces, dimensional weight, yields, co-packer, AOV, margin, etc... Confused? Don't worry we'll shorten your learning curve. You will confidently make the right decisions for your business like the boss you are.  We help you PERFECT YOUR PRODUCT so you can achieve your goals faster. 


Your customers may love your product, but raving fans is what scales your business to the next level.  Raving fans keep coming back for more of your product and become natural ambassadors spreading the word about their love of your product. We'll identify who your best customers are, create a brand presence, then develop the process so you can get the results your brand deserves.



We are profit and cash-flow strategists.  We get you off of the roller coaster experience of white knuckling it before payroll, sleepless nights, and the endless distraction of money worries. 

 We weave the world's leading authority and system on eradicating entrepreneurial poverty, PROFIT FIRST, with our proprietary systems so you can build a world-class business: YOURS!

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Danielle R.

The Crystal Elephant

Anne Marie R.


Jordan W.

Rice Love

Hi, I'm Annette! 

Like you, I created a product I was passionate about ( 

But $$$ coming in did not equate to a sweet, overnight success.  I was struggling and overwhelmed. Sales, marketing, hiring, customer service, processes, inconsistent cash flow, sleepless nights, resource management, COGS, AOV, ERP, IMS, contractors or employees, unsupportive loved ones, ... my company and I were all over the map.  Until I figured out the PEARLS Foundations™ framework and became the CEO my company needed and I desired to become. 

Fast forward to today, and I have a successful, profitable business AND can babysit my grandson 2 days a week, walk/hike, travel, and golf. I now spend my time scaling my product business and helping female entrepreneurs like you learn how to go from being overwhelmed to a successful Product BOSS. 

My goal is simple: to help you grow your product creation into a profitable, scalable company that serves your customers, your employees, your family, and you, simultaneously transforming you into a confident CEO.

Your Success My Support,
Annette de Lancey

Annette de Lancey

Do You Know How Much Your Business COULD Be Paying You? 

Grab this free chart and training to evaluate your business.