MONDAY MINDSET: Use Truth to Uplevel and Simplify Your Life

success-ology Jan 09, 2023

Nope, this isn't going to be a missive about our current societal ills.

Nor is it about the demise of our culture and what you and I can do about it.

Instead, it's about speaking the truth so you can find yourself.


I'll make it simple with an example. I have a friend that "fudges" details.
If she was on her way she would call and say, "I'm on 85!" When in truth she was a few miles back on 101.
She would say, "I read 4 chapters!" when in actuality she glossed over the first chapter and the last paragraph of the 4th chapter.
She wanted people to think so well of her that she puffed up her truth. Some call it embellishing. Some call it lying.

What happened was I eventually stopped believing anything she said. Even if it was the truth.

Another friend said he never lies because it's easier to remember the truth. 

Ancient wisdom teaches us, "FIRST remove the log in your eye before you remove the speck in your friend's eye." (Matt 7:5) So, for 1 week I paid attention to what I said vs what was the truth. And I too "embellished" my truth to look better to others.

So I confessed, "That was a lie. The truth is..."
Very painful and embarrassing.
If I was tempted to embellish the facts, I just didn't speak it. 

So, I just started speaking the truth.* Which is a much easier way to live.
And a lot less exhausting. 
And a lot more integrity. 

What did I learn?
I need to count on myself before I could ask others to count on me.
I need to have integrity before others could think well of me.
Speaking the truth set me free.

Are you really on the 85 or the 101?

Your Success, My Support
Annette de Lancey 

Career Entrepreneur and Manufacturer

*I confess I lie A LOT when it comes to birthdays, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and special (nice) surprises! :)